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Baarns Kamerorkest Artoni 

Baarn's "Artoni" Chamber Orchestra offers advanced amateur musicians the opportunity to play in a chamber-orchestra setting.  Our goal is to make music at a high level, with exciting programmes that are challenging for the players and interesting for the audience.   We welcome advanced amateurs of all ages as well as young talent who seek to build their chamber orchestra experience.  Artoni strives to enhance Baarn's cultural atmosphere.  Artoni is based in Baarn, but anyone from the region is welcome. 


Artoni Chamber Orchestra's programmes include a variety of works from the Classical and Romantic periods as well as 20th - 21st century music.  Typical composers include Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Dvořák, Andriessen, and Martín y Soler.  Most programmes feature soloists.


"A chamber orchestra, resident in Baarn?  That would be fantastic!", was the dream in 2018 of two enthousiastic musicians from Baarn with years of orchestra experience -- Arja Boasson (violin and harp) and Toni Holthaus (flute and piano).   They began to network with fellow musicians, and in September 2018 the dream became a reality, with the establishment of "Artoni".  


founders of Artoni -- Arja en Toni

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